Wedge Index

The Wedge Index is the official quality score for legal gambling within the United States.

Each state is scored based on their legal gambling options, with the scores updated every week, in order to provide a definitive rating on which states are adapting best to the ever changing legal American betting market.

For more information on how the scores are calculated, visit our How it Works page, and for any latest news pertaining to an individual state’s score, click on the name of the state in the table below.

Rank Change State Current Score Previous Score Previous Rank
1-New Jersey flagNew Jersey1161161
2 11Michigan flagMichigan9213T13
3 1Pennsylvania flagPennsylvania86862
4 32Arizona flagArizona727T36
5 2Indiana flagIndiana69693
6 2Colorado flagColorado67674
7 2West Virginia flagWest Virginia55555
8 2Illinois flagIllinois48486
9-Iowa flagIowa47359
10 30Tennessee flagTennessee465T40
11-Rhode Island flagRhode Island422711
12 5Nevada flagNevada41417
13 5Oregon flagOregon39398
14 26Virginia flagVirginia365T40
15 5New Hampshire flagNew Hampshire343410
16 2Wyoming flagWyoming328T18
17 5Delaware flagDelaware161612
T18 5Arkansas flagArkansas1313T13
T18 5New York flagNew York1313T13
20 4Montana flagMontana121216
21 4Mississippi flagMississippi101017
T22 4California flagCalifornia88T18
T22 4Connecticut flagConnecticut88T18
T22 4Florida flagFlorida88T18
T22 4Kansas flagKansas88T18
T22 4Kentucky flagKentucky88T18
T22 4Maine flagMaine88T18
T22 4Maryland flagMaryland88T18
T22 4Massachusetts flagMassachusetts88T18
T22 4Minnesota flagMinnesota88T18
T22 4Missouri flagMissouri88T18
T22 4Nebraska flagNebraska88T18
T22 4New Mexico flagNew Mexico88T18
T22 4North Dakota flagNorth Dakota88T18
T22 4Ohio flagOhio88T18
T22 4Oklahoma flagOklahoma88T18
T22 4South Dakota flagSouth Dakota88T18
T22 4Wisconsin flagWisconsin88T18
T39 3Idaho flagIdaho77T36
T39 3Louisiana flagLouisiana77T36
41 2Alabama flagAlabama6639
T42 2Georgia flagGeorgia55T40
T42 2North Carolina flagNorth Carolina55T40
T42 2South Carolina flagSouth Carolina55T40
T42 2Texas flagTexas55T40
T42 2Vermont flagVermont55T40
47-Washington flagWashington4447
T48-Alaska flagAlaska11T48
T48-Utah flagUtah11T48
50-Hawaii flagHawaii0050
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