The Top 10 US States by January 2021 Sports Betting Handle

US Sports Betting Handle figures for January 2021 have been released and once again New Jersey shows why it tops the Wedge Index by reporting a massive $958.7 million worth of wagers.

New Jersey, the state that tops the Wedge Index as the best place to live for legal gambling in America, has once again posted the highest monthly sports betting handle, with the January 2021 total hitting $958.7 million.

Nevada, home to Las Vegas, posted total handle of $646.5 million to come in second, although this is almost exclusively retail bets at casinos. Nevada is yet to allow remote registration for online gambling, which makes it fantastic for vacations and events but it keeps it low in the Wedge Index rankings, which rank states on other factors.

Pennsylvania, second on the Wedge Index, posted a January 2021 sports betting handle of $615.3 million while Illinois, a rapidly improving gambling state, was fourth at $581.5 million.

Indiana, Colorado and Tennessee are three states that have legalized online betting in the last year and their figures are very promising. Not as promising, however, as Michigan, which made it into the top 10 with a handle of $150.8 million despite only accepting a first legal sports bet on January 21st.

Top 10 US States by Sports Betting Handle

  1. New Jersey: $958.7 million
  2. Nevada: $646.5 million
  3. Pennsylvania: $615.3 million
  4. Illinois: $581.5 million
  5. Indiana: $384.2 million
  6. Colorado: $326.9 million
  7. Tennessee: $211.3 million
  8. Michigan: $150.8 million
  9. Iowa: $149.5 million
  10. Mississippi: $67.7 million

What is Betting Handle?

Betting handle is the total monetary value of all bets placed in each state during the month. Every bet placed contributes to the figure and factors not accounted for are number of unique bets, average stake size or profit made by any sportsbooks, nor the costs incurred by them.

It is for this reason that Nevada scores highly on the list, and above some of the ‘online first’ betting states. Las Vegas will traditionally be a place where people will go to place larger cash bets and so the overall handle may be higher, despite the number of bets placed on sports betting apps in other states being significantly more in volume.

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