Carousel group sign deal with Caesars Entertainment to launch app in New Jersey, Indiana and Iowa

New Jersey, Indiana and Iowa are set to get another online sportsbook after the Carousel Group signed a deal with Caesars Entertainment to give them market access for their app in the three states.

The Wedge Index scores of New Jersey, Indiana, Iowa and also Colorado are set to increase following the news that Carousel Group have signed a partnership deal with Caesars Entertainment. is currently only available in Colorado but the 10-year deal with Caesars will see the brand gain market access to New Jersey, Indiana and Iowa for their app. This is a huge move for Carousel as it moves into new territory as competition for some of the other, much bigger multi-state sportsbook brands.

A New Jersey launch will also see the Carousel Group enter the world of online casino, which is another major milestone for one of America’s newest legal gambling firms.

Colorado is currently hanging on to a top five spot in the Wedge Index, by virtue of its online first sports betting policy and the ease of market access for new legal sportsbooks. The state is, however, limited by a lack of online casino and a population of just 5.5 million means that it is never going to be a major battleground in the war to conquer American gambling.

New Jersey, Indiana and Iowa will add a combined potential audience of 24.5 million for the app and those states are ones which now look upwardly mobile. Indiana is still in the process of legalizing online casino gambling and Iowa is a state that many operators are targeting now that they accept remote registration.

New Jersey has long been the dominant state in US online gambling, and another legal sportsbook and casino will help cement the Garden State’s position atop the Wedge Index. It does, however face competition from Michigan, who put up some big early numbers after the launch of legal gambling in January, and a number of other states who are in the process of legislating.

The news that Illinois may be set to legalize online casino, the latest New York developments, and the expectation of moves in Maryland, Connecticut, Massachussets and even Louisiana suggests that Colorado will not be a top five state for long, and it is therefore sensible for Carousel Group to start expanding their operations.

What is clear is that all states are continuing to grow and Carousel Group will not be the only new legal betting brand to start sweeping America. DraftKings and FanDuel may have been the first online operators but they are now being joined by a new wave of digital first betting brands, and the increased competition can only be a good thing for the users as more choice equals more value when it comes to online gambling.

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