Could Nevada be about to allow mobile registration?

The Nevada Gaming Control Board could be on the verge of allowing mobile registration, a move that would go some way to improving the state’s Wedge Index gaming-friendliness rating.

A change to the regulations governing gaming in Nevada which would allow remote registration for the first time would significantly improve the state’s Wedge Index rating.

The proposal was put before the Board at the same meeting last week when it was announced that chair Sandra Douglass Morgan was resigning.

Any move on remote registration would provide a significant boost to Nevada’s Wedge Index rating.

Currently, the foremost gaming destination is 7th on the list. Adding remote registration would add 15 points and lift its score for 41 to 56.

It would mean Nevada would leapfrog Illinois and leave it only slightly behind West Virginia.

In-person on the retreat

In-person registration appears to be an idea whose appeal is fading.

In Illinois the Governor has suspended the in-person rule by executive order at least temporarily.

Iowa is another state with in-person registration. That is set to expire at the end of this year.

The NCGB will debate the measure later this week, 5 November, according to a notice posted on the board’s website.

Following the workshop, the Board will then vote on any recommended change before it would be adopted by the Nevada Gaming Commission.

Remaining hurdles

Greg Gemignani, a partner at Dickinson Wright law firm in Las Vegas, told that opposition to the remote move remained among some Nevada operators.

“It may be difficult to get this past the workshop stage,” he was quoted as saying.

Chair Morgan is leaving after less than two years in the post. In a statement, Nevada’s Democratic Governor Steve Sisolak said she was leaving to pursue “an exciting professional opportunity.”


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