How it works

The Wedge Index is the official quality score for legal gambling within the United States.

Ranking US Betting States

The Wedge Index provides a quick and easy to digest quality score for each American state’s legal gambling options. These quality scores are then displayed in a ranking table, which allows Americans to see how their state shapes up for legal gambling compared to the rest of the union.

The aim of the Wedge Index is to provide a resource for members of the public, gaming industry professionals, and journalists to understand better which states have made the most, and the best, progress when it comes to legal gambling.

Ranking Criteria

The Wedge Index is a complex algorithm, which takes into account many factors in order to provide each state with their quality score.

The following information is considered for each state in America:

  • Legal land based Casino betting options in the state
  • Casino games available within the Casinos
  • Ease of access to land based Casinos for residents and tourists
  • Sports betting availability within the Casinos
  • Retail betting options – Sportsbooks, Betting Kiosks & Games Centers
  • Legal Horse Racing betting options
  • Number of racetracks within the state lines
  • Racinos and other on track facilities
  • Off track betting options for Horse Racing, including any apps
  • State Lottery availability
  • Availability of betting apps on Casino, Racetrack or Retail premises
  • Availability of betting apps outside of any retail premises
  • Ease of use of any betting apps
  • Variety of betting apps available
  • Strength of the online betting brands available within the state
  • Restrictions in place for any kind of legal betting
  • Qualitative analysis of the betting options available
  • Quantative analysis of betting options avaialable
  • Scale and size of market for betting operators
  • Overall satisfaction score of residents within the state of their gambling options

This information, when analyzed by the Wedge Index algorithm, produces the overall Wedge Index score for each state and gives a ranking position against the other 49 states in the union.

This score is then updated on a week-by-week basis and Wedge News will cover any changes and the reasons for the movement on the Wedge Index.

Wedge News’s team of journalists and data scientists are constantly analysing the legal betting landscape in America in order to ensure that the Wedge Index remains the official quality score for gambling within the USA.

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